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What Is Naturopathy?

A naturopath is a health practitioner that treats illness using natural methods to help you regain your health.

These methods can include the use of supplements, detoxification methods, stress management, anti-infective protocols, and other lifestyle changes. A naturopath takes a holistic view of your health, looking at all parts of your lifestyle that may be creating your physical symptoms. A naturopath looks at treating the cause of your illness, not just treating the symptoms, to ensure a long term solution to your health.


A naturopath will take a detailed health history from you; including your current symptoms, alongside carrying out relevant testing to determine the cause of your illness.

There are many forms of tests including pathology blood and urine testing, stool testing, hormone testing and other relevant tests. Once the cause of your illness has been identified the naturopath will work out a recommended treatment plan for you to regain your health. The treatment plan is then discussed with you to ensure it is achievable for you. The Naturopath will work alongside you educating you on ways to improve your lifestyle so that you don’t fall back into ill health.

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