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What Is Clay Packing?

Clay packing is an external detoxification process using highly absorbent therapeutic clays and ionised minerals to draw deep embedded toxins through the skin. It is a safe and fast method of detoxification and it reduces stress on the detox organs. The high cation exchange and osmotic pulling effect draws out toxins and heavy metals while eliminating pain and reduces the load on the immune system.

Increased mobility, reduced pain, reduced scar tissue, repair of damaged tissue, and improved organ and gland function have been observed as an outcome of cation mud therapy in clinical tests.

A trauma to an area from an injury, surgery etc. can cause toxins to build up around the injury over many years and prevent nutrients getting to the site. One injury site can sedate multiple body sites. Biopsies have shown the site immediately adjacent to a scar have often become highly toxic – with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins.

The clay pack is a specially designed combination of 10 volcanic and kaolin clays, peat magma and specific herbal fluids that potentiate the drawing action of the clay.

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