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Are You Wondering What Sort of Health Issues Can Be Helped Using Natural Health?

We Offer a Range of Testing Options to Find Out the Underlying Cause of Your Health Issues.

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Do You Think You Might Be Reacting To Some Foods But You're Not Sure Which Foods?

Meet Jenny 

Jenny Barker is a Qualified Naturopath and holds a Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine and is a member of the Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand. 

Jenny discovered naturopathic medicine through her own serious health issues. These included being diagnosed with an auto-immune arthritic condition, adrenal fatigue, multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities. She tried the normal medical treatment – taking drugs but she did not like the side effects of these medications and decided there must be a better way. 

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Client Testimonials

Happier, confident child - Gastrointestinal Issues 

“ We brought Sam to see Jenny as for the whole four years of his life he had suffered from gastrointestinal issues. Since Sam began treatment with Jenny, his family and kindy teachers have all noticed a change in his personality. He has become a much happier confident child.

We finally have hope that we may be able to cure him completely. ”


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